Monday, October 3, 2011

Omicron Update 1: Art and Design

Several new things happening on the Omicron front, check points are being reached, art work is being revamped, levels being rethought, and enemies, I mean the ecosystem is blooming with life.

The list.
-New cutting edge concept art, for posters and even likely to be in game.
-Colors and particles are being re-adjusted to give the game a clearer feel.
-Optimization regarding the particle count at a given level segment.
-An "Omicron Poster Page" is in the works.
-Shooting a video for documenting the development process with friends' help :)
-New trailer in the works.
-New environmental features such as wavering foods, and tactile grass.
-Possibly new moving mechanism for Omicron to make it move a bit more fluidly.
-Food varying in size and color.
-Composite power ups.
-New website look.
-And a surprise!

Watch out for updates, I guess I will be writing based on completion of each new item in the list with screenshots, info, videos, etc.

E. out

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