Friday, July 8, 2011

More Friday News

First, and foremost; thanks to everyone for all the nice comments, valuable critique, and support we have been receiving so far. We are still a budding company and we are learning a lot thanks to the feedback.

Please keep in mind that Omicron development is going on full-steam. We will update the game as we reach breakthroughs along the way, with the ultimate hopes that the finished product will be available on September 1st. We are clawing our way to our first patch/beta 0.61. We will put a through list of changes when they are finished, but let it suffice to say for now that we are tackling some major performance optimization.

On a different note: We will soon have donations available as a free service to all the philanthropists amongst you :) I shall update the blog once we get that sorted out.

E. out.

Omicron Beta is Out!

Arkady Studios is very proud to announce that the beta version of Omicron is available for PC and MAC. Grab your copies from the website and let us know what you think about the game.

Go get it at

Monday, July 4, 2011


Hello World!

For the past three weeks Arkady has been working like never before. Each and every day we are getting breakthroughs, and our game is looking better. Which game you ask? What company you say? Perfectly normal questions...

Arkady Studios is an independent game studio. We make games. Currently we are working on Omicron, an artificial life game with a lot of music involved.

[Omicron Concept Art by darkmoose :) ]

We are hoping to showcase an early beta demo of our development this Wednesday the sixth at the Dutch Game Garden monthly gathering which is free for all to attend.

On a final note, personally I welcome any and all readers to our blog page. It goes without saying that following this blog is heavily encouraged for aspiring game developers as it will probably include lots of insights on game development processes from the eyes of a dedicated trio of computer scientists and master's of game development :).


E. out.