Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Arkady Update New Year Edition: The Status Check

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Arkady's flagship project, development of Omicron has been delayed indefinitely due to somewhat foreseen causes, and to some extent some disagreements and a much required pause.

It is not a big surprise as it is our first serious undertaking, and it requires careful planning and development. We are dealing with it utilizing high grade professionalism, with a dash of kick-ass attitude, and an ever cheerful smile.

The development is still ongoing, as Omicron is of great importance to all of us, but at a more careful pace, and proper deadline projections are being made. I will be announcing them here as we continue our development.

In any case, we wish all a happy new year, and may 2012 be as beautiful a beginning for you as it is turning out to be for us.


Erhan Turel