Sunday, October 9, 2011

Arkady News: People Skills & Omicron Trailer Video

[picture: Rajat Anantharam]

e: Look at this... Years of programming and I am reduced to a light stand.
g: Shut up, I am a physiotherapist.

We have been shooting a new video (in color!) for Omicron with Arkady's talended crew and friends. The end results are interesting, mostly showing that we would do really well as carpet or insurance salesmen.

We are ever vigilant however, working to make the best of what has been recorded, even though we now have enough takes of ourselves to watch and laugh at for the rest of our lives.

The entire experience taught us many things such as how to build set lights, how to write a pitch script, how to shoot a video, how not to act, and how to communicate with an Icelandic physiotherapist wall-climber and outdoors-man who was more than eager to help us with his camera and excessive handyman skills. A big shout out from here to Gunnar, without whom we would be less humbled men. I personally look forward to future collaborations.

Bloopers, documentary, general silliness, madness, insane cackling, and such will eventually follow at a later date.


E. out.


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