Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Arkady Studios at DiGRA 2011

Arkady Studios attended DiGRA starting from 14th till 17th. It was loads of fun, many great things learned, morale boosted, and cakes were consumed. We were exhausted at the end, and mayhaps some of the talks were ideologically clashing our own convictions, however there is pleasure to be taken from such adverse points of views; the mental stimulation was very welcome.

And yes, you heard me right, I said: Cakes! When it comes to Arkady Studios, Cakes are no lies; we spared no expense to bring the best Cake Master of the world, right from the depths of Iceland, just so that we may share the joy of showcasing our game with others in the tastiest fashion possible. She baked them between 2 and 4am in the morning, when the planets aligned in their most auspicious arrangement. I witnessed her listening closely to the sound of Red Velvet Cake and arguing fervently with the ElfCake.

Long Story Short: We might have overdone it a bit, since people tended to say: "aaah, arkady studios, the one with the cakes right?" Yes we would reply, "but, have you tried Omicron yet?". No harm done though. People who tasted the cakes were more likely comment thoroughly on the game.

Of course, a huge thanks to Dutch Game Garden for having us, especially right next to the entrance. An equally huge thanks to all the people who played Omicron, and commented. I do not really need to mention how awesome the entire organization was, and how thankful we are to everybody involved as well. But I just did.

Also, Omicron Beta 0.75 is out, available for download on our website. We have optimized, redesigned, and replaced a great deal of things. We are still not at the point where we would feel comfortable listing all the changes. Yet. But as soon as Omicron Beta 1.0 is released we will keep a full update history of all the features and changes.

Noticeable changes involve new sound effects, new level designs and a few new elements.

Oh, also! We have updated the website a bit more. Now we are accepting Donations! Please support us so we can continue occupying space in congresses where we will be distributing free world class, home baked, eccentric cakes.

-E. out


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